User verification add-on for the FIM/MIM Portal

Today I'm releasing a new add-on for the FIM/MIM portal. The Lithnet User Verification Module allows IT staff to use the MIM portal to send an SMS code sent to a user's mobile phone. This is useful in scenarios where a user calls the service desk and needs to be verified before the service desk can take an action such as resetting a password or asking for a change to a group that they own.

If you have your users registered for SMS-based self-service password reset, then this module is ready for you to use today. It will use the same SmsServiceProvider.dll you created to enable SSPR, and will get the user's mobile number from the msIdmOtpMobilePhone attribute.

There are lots of configuration options available, so if you want to get the mobile number from a different attribute, you can certainly do that. You can also customize the attributes displayed by the tool, change the length of the security code, and even restrict access to the tool to a particular set of users

You access the tool by adding a new UocHyperLink control to your RCDC as shown below.

A new window will open with a customizable list of user attributes shown. Clicking the Send Code button will generate a unique code and send it to the user's phone

The code is shown to the service desk operator, and the user receives the code on their phone

It's a simple, but useful tool for authenticating users over the phone.

Visit the GitHub site to download the latest release and read the installation instructions