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Announcing Lithnet AutoSync for Microsoft Identity Manager

One of the things that I've always believed was missing from MIM and its predecessors was the ability to automatically 'run' the sync engine. The supported way of 'automating' the sync engine is to develop scripts that call the MIIS WMI methods. However, those scripts usually just cycle through the management agents and run profiles in a predetermined order, at a predetermined interval. Over the years, I've often thought that there must be a better way than this! When we consider the various operations that can be performed on each management agent, the clues to how to do this start to become clear. Delta import Performed when a change occurs in a connected system Delta synchronization Performed when an import operation stages changes in a connector space Export Performed when a synchronization stages outbound changes in a connector space Confirming import Performed when an export leaves  unconfirmed imports in the connector space In all