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Providing confirming imports to the sync engine when your target system doesn’t support delta imports

There are many systems out there that just don’t support delta imports. Deltas are important for ensuring speedy and efficient operation of the FIM synchronization engine. While we can’t invent true deltas when the connected system doesn’t provide the information, sometimes its enough to just provide FIM the deltas of what it has changed. This is especially relevant for systems where FIM is mostly responsible for the data in the connected system. What would be handy, is if at export time, we could provide FIM with the confirmed changes made in the target system. While FIM allows us to say that an export was successful, it still expects to confirm those changes took place on the next import operation. What if we could construct our import CSEntryChange objects at export time? The Lithnet.MetadirectoryServices library contains a set of helper classes to make writing management agents and rules extensions a little bit easier. One of the tools it contains is a CSEntryChangeQueue clas