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Take the guess work out of XPath with the Lithnet FIM Service PowerShell Module

Summary The FIM Service allows you to query for resources using a subset of the XPath 2.0 dialect. It provides a quite powerful mechanism for searching for resources, but has more than a few curiosities when it comes to constructing queries for different attribute types. The Lithnet FIM Service PowerShell module includes three cmdlets to help take the guess work out of constructing your XPath queries. New-XPathQuery The New-XPathQuery cmdlet creates a predicate that forms part of an XPath expression. The query is the Attribute = ‘value’ component of the expression New-XPathQueryGroup An XPath query group contains multiple XPath query objects, or other query groups, that are combined together with an ‘and’ or ‘or’ operator. New-XPathExpression The XPath expression wraps the query or query group with the appropriate syntax defining the object type (eg /Person[query] ) Working with different attribute types The cmdlets generate the correct syntax for each attribute type,