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Announcing the Lithnet LAPS Web App

Microsoft's Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS) is a very important tool that protects against the risk of lateral movement of threats between computers when the same local admin password is used on each machine. It is an agent that is deployed to each computer that randomises and rotates the local administrator password on each machine, and securely stores it in the Active Directory. While the LAPS mechanism itself is robust and does exactly what it needs to do, the process of accessing the LAPS passwords, and auditing that access is not so straight forward. Support staff out in the field may not have easy access to the tools required to get those passwords. You either need to use PowerShell, LAPS client, or another directory tool such as AD Users and Computers. Auditing access to LAPS passwords is a bit of a nightmare. It requires configuring audit policies on domain controllers for directory object access, which is a very board audit category and can be very noisy. You